Memory Ellington

Owner & Photographer

Hi, I am the “Memory” in Beyond Memory | Photography. I am a Christian photographer with over ten years of experience providing luxury photography for individual, corporate, and non-profit needs.


To me, photography is recording stories of moments and milestones in life that you can revisit and retell for generations to come. I want to celebrate you, your family, and your achievements. It is that moment when a client looks a photograph and is brought back to the feelings, emotions, and experiences surrounding it that make me love what I do.


Life happens in a flash. It gets busy, and is ever evolving. The images we take for you are breathing, living, chapters you can step back into and re-experience when you need reminding where you first began. It is your life, with sparkle. It is your fairy tale, and our joy is to help you tell your story.

Joshua McRay

Photography has been a hobby of mine for a while, but I’ve always had a genuine appreciation for great pictures.  Great pictures recreate life, and life is made of moments, all telling stories that words don’t always accurately describe. This is what drew me to photography.


As an avid adventurer, I have taken cultural pictures from Europe to the California coast. I continue to develop my skills as a photography assistant & second shooter.


The greatest honor in my life is getting to do what I love with my talented wife, Memory. When two people get to do something that they are passionate about personally and professionally, it ceases to be work and turns into an experience. An experience is something we get to provide with every shoot!

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About Us

“As a husband and wife team, we bring our passion and appreciation for life to our work. It is those same moments and feelings we seek to capture for you.”

Josh & Memory