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Maternity Photos at The Hills of Shanefield Field

Who: Ashley + Todd

What: Formal maternity photo session on an open field followed by a fun couple's workout session.

When: March 2019

Where: Hills of Shanefield Subdivision in Helotes, Texas

I first met Ashley and Todd in secondary school at First Baptist Academy. From grade school sweethearts to happily married, you couldn’t meet a couple more excited to start a family. Through social media I have watched Ashley grow into a strong and amazing young woman as she shared her fitness journey in preparation for a healthy pregnancy.

Through extreme hard work and dedication, she has motivated herself and many other women as a fitness coach to celebrate their bodies through exercise and healthy life choices. It was such an honour creating beautiful #PregnancyPictures for her family.

Pregnant woman working out
“I want to be the best role model and mom I can be! Seriously, I am so extremely grateful that I created this habit of working out and prepared my body to workout while pregnant.
Our goal is to show our baby girl that exercise isn’t a punishment, it’s something to celebrate because we are ABLE to workout!! So, to be here now. Working out 6 days a week at 22 weeks, hearing her perfect heartbeat and feeling her kick- it’s the most incredible feeling ever! I can’t even describe how thankful I am for that! ❤️ ” - Ashley -

We got up at the wee hours of the morning for our 7:30am #maternity photoshoot to catch the beautiful golden hour hitting the tall grass of the field. The flat field with its lovely backdrop of high grass, trees, and rays of early sunshine was magical. It was also an added bonus to have empty landscape while everyone was still in their homes getting ready for the work or school day.

Pregnancy photos at the Hills of Shanefield

I have to say, Ashley and Todd absolutely NAILED what to wear to a maternity session! Her floral print dress is a perfect example of the exception to the rule on patterns. Having a simple field for her backdrop really made that deep navy blue Maxi dress with its soft pastel flowers pop. By selecting a flattering and form fitting dress, she elegantly shows off her very loved little girl growing in her belly. They were spot on in selecting Todd's outfit too. His Salmon coloured shirt and denim jeans nicely compliment his wife's gown without being too matchy-matchy.

In previous articles, I talk about how adding personal touches can be a great way to connect and include family members who are not at the session, pass on a generational traditions, or start new ones of your own. One of my favourite added touch at this shoot was a treasured book passed down from Ashley's father from when she was girl. Being that this little girl is going to be a Texas baby, we took the opportunity grab a few images of their items with some of the remaining bluebonnets of the season.

Personal touches for Texas baby girl

While the sky was overcast, the rains held out just long enough to get our formal portraits and we were off to the next location. By next location, I mean my garage. After we wrapped up photographing outside, we headed indoors for a fun active wear styled shoot.

I could go on and on about how cute these two expecting parents were and what a joy it was to photograph them, (they even coordinated their workout attire like pros! I mean what's not to love!?) but check them out for yourself.

Here are a few of my favourite images from their pregnancy shoot:


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