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What to Expect | Expert Non-Profit Photography

We love working in partnership with your mission to help provide images that showcase, embrace, and celebrate the differences you are making in your community and the lives of the individuals you serve.

Providing full-service sponsorships goes beyond the duration of the event or session. For every project we also donate:

  • Coverage Consultations – We meet with you to talk about your mission and your coverage vision. We work within your time and your budget to maximize your investment and ensure your key deliverables are met. We also provide our expert advice on how to achieve your image goals regarding lighting, location, set-up, and expectations.

  • Event Walk Through and Photography Planning – Providing professional marketing pictures for your non-profit is more than just us showing up. Before the event, we work with key organizers to understand the day-of itinerary, venue policies, and if necessary will often join you at a site visit to do a walkthrough. You will get our advice on how to ensure we can get you the moments that matter to you, on how to ensure your audience is aware of our presence, and options for coverage in different scenarios.

  • Post Service Services - Rush delivery date with one week turn arounds. In the world of non-profits, time matters, so we offer fast delivery with professional editing for basic colour correction. This is also a week where we willingly limit other paying bookings to provide quality service to all.

  • Priority and attention - You will get high quality and true dedication.

  • We underwrite over 90% of the costs - We underwrite over 90% of the cost of our services so that local organizations working to provide better opportunities for the communities can benefit from quality marketing images.

  • Regarding rates: We defer to the charity or non-profit agency to share their photography budget for each of their events, as we understand the average non-profit budget limitations and event budgets can differ per event within a non-profit organization. We will, then, work with you to create a custom quote to meet your agency's needs.

Since we easily get booked months to a year in advance and have limited yearly sponsor hours available, it is important to let us know early the events and dates you would like us to cover.


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Why Hire a Pro For Your Non-Profit Events & Marketing?

Interested in photography services for an upcoming event? Send us a message at LegacyDawns@BeyondMemory.Photography

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